Sash s potiskem Bride to be - šerpa

Author: T-shock


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Sash made of tafetta ribbon for printing of your own text or motive. Is your friend getting married, are you going to a birthday party or is your brother graduating? Make your beloved ones happy with an original sash with untraditional printing and make their day even more interesting and absolutely perfect. The sash can be printed with any kind of text, only your fantasy matters. As an accessory for the sash, there is a 2,5 cm decorative circle with a safety spin for cross-tying, which guarantees no sticking out and it fits pefectly to the body shape. Tafetta ribbons of 115 mm width and about 2.000 mm length are standardly delivered cut with zig-zag scissors preventing the sash from fraying. ONLY PRINTING IN BLACK COLOUR CAN BE APPLIED ON COLOURFUL SASHES! White ink is not possible.

Printing space 40x10 cm (located in the middle of the front part)


100% polyester