Glass mug with a straw s potiskem Sweet jar

Trendy jar with a straw for lemonade or cocktail. Enjoy a glass of mixed drink or juice with your friends on a barbecue or picnic.

Author: T-shock

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Glass mug with a straw

Glass mug with a straw

Practical and stylish jug with a straw and a silver cap of 300 ml volume. Great for homemade lemonades or various cocktails. Ideal for garden parties, camping, picnics etc. The tight silicone circle under the cap and around the straw hole prevent the liquid from pouring. The straw is made of firm plastic and can be reused. Make your own printing design and you'll enchant your guests at your birthday party. Suitable as a gift or promotional item with a printing of company logo.


glass / metal (cap) / plastic (straw)